Lessons Learned From These Olympics

I love sports and have been involved with athletics since before I can remember. I claim a lifetime batting average of over .400, including softball and stickball as well as school and little league baseball teams. My parents too were into it. My uncle Bill Miller even tried out for the Pittsburgh Pirates major league baseball team, after playing on the travelling US Army team in Europe during WW II.

Although there’s a lot going on, including business and politics, the Olympics principally showcase some of the world’s greatest athletes doing what they do best, like the great and masterful yogis they are. Seeing them makes me think, aspire, and inquire likewise: what if we practiced our Dharma as much and as assiduously as these athletes practice their chosen sport? I believe it would be very well for us and our world.

I thought I might share with you this fine article by Spirituality and Practice founders Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat:

Watching the Olympics as a Spiritual Practice