Practicing and Taking Vows on Your Own


John E.:

I have been reading your books for many years and am now.  They bring me peace and hope.  In my area we have but one Buddhist temple and it is Kadampa not Dzogchen. I have purchased a copy of The Buddhist Path.  I’m seeking advice: can I just practice Dzogchen, take the Bodhisattva vow on my own and do my best in my own way?  Thank you so much.

Lama Surya Das:

Sure, you can fruitfully and even joyously just practice Dzogchen, take the Bodhisattva vow on your own, and do your best in your own way, as you say…no problem there.

Buddha himself said, on his deathbed lying beneath a Sal tree in N India, these final words, “All conditioned things are impermanent, work out your salvation with diligence.” Then he slipped into nirvanic peace and deathless ease, as ‘tis said. I suggest that you could learn a little more about Dzogchen View, Meditation and Action as well as the Buddhist path of enlightenment from my many YouTubes, online articles, tapes, CD’s, and related books, as well as teachings by other spiritual leaders and elders.  Learning and practice go well together, and help keep one deepening and heartened.

Onwards and inwards!  Good luck!