This is the high holy day season where I came from. At-one-ment is an excellent way to turn the ship around and start afresh, every annum, every day and every moment. I invite you to acknowledge your transgressions, make amends where possible, and at-one as well. This is the antidote to guilt and denial. I have wronged people, and I am sorry. I have finally felt a drop of heartfelt compassion, now that I’ve crossed the sixty yard line of life.

I myself aspire to be the Bodhisattva of Children, of all the weak and little ones, the  under-dog and the marginalized, the sick, the weak, the halt, the mute, the traveler, the unseen, unheard and excluded. I am the BodhisattvaBear and Protectress of all the children. Of all those who are still selfing and striving to grow up to be someone, until the selfless Self reigns ascendant. When they see through themselves and their bubble-like confines of egotism, autonomy within interdependence will be realized and achieved; and they’ll rule their world through self-mastery rather than attachment and expectation, force and willful domination.

The main religion in this world, as far as I can tell, is control-freakism. It’s in ones higher self-interest to let go a little and let be, to stop gripping so tight to that which in any case is slipping through our fingers. It took a faux heart attack last autumn, but I myself have finally given up, surrendered to my higher inner power, and —what a relief!— released the project I’ve been perpetrating for so long. Now I can just be and love freely. Love is a verb, and love is found through loving. Won’t you join in, friends?  I looove you.

Once upon a time I was no more. Though it lasted not, one must live as if it were true. I am a word, and the word is with, and the word is was.